A partnership aimed at stimulating more sustainable food supply chains

On November 1st of 2012 People 4 Earth Foundation, Rabobank, ICCO, and Gourmet* together started a three year partnership project called the ‘VAK project’. VAK stands for Verduurzamen Agrarische Keten (loosely translated as Making the Agricultural Supply Chain More Sustainable). 

An important aim for the project was to develop an online platform. This platform should use an integrated methodology that supports food producers with regard to sustainability assessment of their product related processes. The recent release of a first version of the AgriPlace platform is therefore a very important milestone within the VAK project.

After some further development of the platform, a next step within the project will be to soon involve project partners to run AgriPlace pilots with farmers and other users in the Netherlands and later also in the international supply chain.

*Supporting partners are Bionext, Albron Catering, the SAI Platform, and Veldleeuwerik Foundation.