What is AgriPlace?

AgriPlace is an online platform that has been created and is constantly developed further by the People 4 Earth community. It is a sustainability data collection and sharing platform for organizations in the food and agriculture sector. AgriPlace provides a space for different tools and assessments that actors in food supply chains can use to measure the sustainability performance of their products. It also makes it easy for farmers, manufacturers, and retailers to connect and share information with their partners, thus providing ample opportunities for mutual improvement.

The figure below summarizes the core methodology and functionalities behind AgriPlace.

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AgriPlace will be home to many sustainability assessment tools, brought together under the same data collection and reporting system.

Compliance Tools

Our first focus will be on hosting compliance tools on AgriPlace. These tools are useful to actors who want to assess the gap between their current sustainability performance and the requirements of different standards. Compliance tools include pre-assessments and checklists that are developed by third parties, such as standard setting organizations, industry or  retailers/companies. The first compliance tool that is available on AgriPlace is the SAI Checklist.

SAI Checklist

The SAI Checklist is a simple tool for farmers to assess their farm’s sustainability. Farm sustainability (in other words, responsible farming) covers environmental, social and economical aspects. An easy scoring mechanism enables farmers to quickly get an idea of their farm’s sustainable performance. 

The checklist aims to reduce duplication of farm assessments and help more farms get on the path to sustainable agriculture. It is not meant to replace established sector standards or certification programs.

Customized Tools

We also specialize in developing customized tools for partners and clients who require assistance in selecting sets of indicators and building personalized questionnaires suited to more specific needs. For instance, in the past we worked on a 6-standard Gap Analysis Tool that used custom questions to rapidly identify overlaps and indicate which certification was easiest to achieve based on existing practices. The lessons from that project formed the basis of our current methodology.

People 4 Earth can also support organizations with the development of new customized standards before integrating them into our system.

Quantitative Module & Performance Tools

Because we know that collecting and sharing quantitative data is a priority for farmers and food producers, we are currently sketching what a future quantitative module in our system would look like. In a first step, we will start with simple tools for monitoring and communicating performance on basic and easy to record indicators, such as "amount of energy used per ha of farming land". These tools will later provide the basis for more advanced calculations, opening the door to impact analyses for issues such as climate change, pesticides, soil/water quality and animal welfare.

In the future we will also provide performance tools that will allow users to analyse their data in more sophisticated ways and to learn about opportunities for improvement. By filling in their database of sustainability information, farmers and food producers alike will be able to get an overview of their performance, to zoom into the topics of their concern or focus on product hotspots, as well as benchmark themselves internally and externally (e.g. with peers or industry averages).  

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