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Martijn van Es
Content Owner AgriPlace 

The world is becoming smaller and smaller, yet the ever increasing demand on farmers with regard to compliance makes market access for them more difficult than ever. Consumers want proof that the product they eat was produced under safe and healthy conditions and demand transparency of the food supply chain. Eventually consumers and farmers will need to come together and I see a future where consumers can communicate directly with farmers through intelligent data platforms where information on food production is shared. I am committed to contribute to the creation of such a platform and I am convinced that as a Content Owner at AgriPlace I will be able to make this happen.

Educational background: BSc. in Tropical Agriculture from Larenstein, Deventer and Organic Inspector (IOIA) San José, Costa Rica.

Work experience: I started my career some 20 years ago in Costa Rica giving advice to small producer cooperatives on market access to international markets. Still in Costa Rica, I worked in production and export of organic bananas and pineapples. I then moved to the Netherlands where I worked mainly in Supply Chain Management and Quality Management. During my career I have basically covered all aspects of the agricultural supply- and value chain and what I have learned is that transparency is indispensable for a sustainable supply chain. To achieve this transparency we need accurate and easy accessible agridata. AgriPlace will make this happen.

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