Personal Profile

Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt
Director AgriPlace


With the fast growth of sustainability initiatives, standards, measurement practices and consolidated indicator lists, there is a surprising lack of data management in global food chains. After 13 years of collecting, analyzing and evaluating sustainability data, my focus has shifted to efficient data management. As director AgriPlace, I have 2 ambitions for the next 20 years:

  • Simplify data entry at farm level. This means linking sustainability questionnaires of standards, guidelines and retailers' check-lists and avoid double data entries.
  • Boost the use of data for enhanced practices. This is indeed about Big Data and data mining. It is about making data meaningful for farmers of all sorts: big, small, low-tech, cloud-operated, specialised or highly diversified.  

User-driven data collection, owned by farmers and directly shared within relevant networks, that’s what current developments can bring to global food chains. AgriPlace will accelerate this.

Educational background: Agricultural Economics (MsC), Wageningen UR

Relevant work experience: I spent half my career in agricultural consulting in Latin America, Asia and Africa, and half in Europe, working on the development and assessment of agricultural sustainability theory and standards. I have worked with Spar, Kraft Foods, Rabobank, PGGM, Robeco and Syngenta. In the public sphere, with FMO, the World Bank, UN and EU organisations, various ministries and donors such as UKAID and certifying organisations like Rainforest Alliance.

Member of the American, European and Dutch Association of Evaluators and board member of the Centre for Rural Development.