Personal Profile

Maarten den Uijl

Product Owner, AgriPlace

Producers, companies and consumers show increasing commitment to more sustainable and responsible production and processing. Yet being transparent over this commitment is not an easy task, especially when a supply chain is spread over several countries with different social-political contexts, levels of development and interests. Different monitoring and traceability systems have been developed but do not generate satisfactory results.

I have been working in supply chain development and chain informatization and I am a firm believer that more creative forms of chain collaboration are possible and required. Agriplace enables these by offering chain stakeholders an agile and inclusive platform for innovation.

Educational background: International Business Studies (Bachelor & Master), International Development Studies (Master), Compliance Design and Management (Master), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA).

Relevant work experience: I have worked mainly in the role of advisor and project manager predominantly focusing on value chain development and all aspects of chain informatization (e.g. IT, assurance, compliance-by-design, cybersecurity). I fulfilled these roles for organizations like Thauris, Ernst & Young, Ahold, ILO Cambodia, ICCO Honduras, Cordaid and the Netherlands Food and Consumer Safety Authority.