Diana Kos
Project Manager West Africa

We live in a world where transparency and sustainable sourcing across value chains has become a license to operate in business. Around 472 million small-holder farmers worldwide produce half of world’s food supply, yet we know little about their transparency and sustainability. AgriPlace is an open-source platform that allows farmers and respective value-chain stakeholders to connect and exchange valuable and relevant information with one another. This allows various market-players to co-create value and transparency together. It is my passion to help make this happen by linking farmers to markets and making the platform fit its user needs, from farmer to retailer.

Educational background: International Business Administration (Bachelor) and Marketing Management (Master), RSM Erasmus University; also external PhD candidate.

Relevant work experience: IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative (cocoa, fruit and vegetable value chains); Bangladesh Association for Social Advancement (value chain finance and entrepreneurship); free-lance sustainability consulting.