The sustainability LinkedIn for the food supply chain 

An online platform for collecting and sharing farm-level data in the food and agriculture supply chain

The idea behind AgriPlace is to have farmers and respective supply-chain stakeholders collect farm-level data, and easily share this information with other actors from the global chain. The platform can thus be perceived as a kind of LinkedIn for sustainability. You can learn more about AgriPlace on the AgriPlace website.

Why AgriPlace?

Farmers are the data owners, meaning that they choose what data they enter and who they share it with. The information in the system is saved, which allows farmers to re-use and build on the existing information. This is especially useful when working with a number of standards and buyers who each have different product information requests. What makes AgriPlace unique is its method of identifying the overlap between different measuring instruments and questionnaires. In this way, when users have entered their product data, their data is saved and can be used for different standards assessments. AgriPlace offers a simple, time-and cost-saving solution for data collection and sharing. Users will be able to keep track of their progress, benchmark with other users, promote their sustainability achievements in the market, and initiate collaborations with new business partners. 

Partners and opportunity for cooperation

The development of AgriPlace is financially supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Gourmet BV, ICCO and Rabobank and serveral other organizations and individuals. We invite all stakeholders to work with us on the further development of the platform. We also welcome food companies, retailers, universities and other organizations that would like to offer their sustainability tools on Agriplace. Please contact us for more information.