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AgriPlace Trade

The People 4 Earth Foundation is currently developing a new product related to the AgriPlace platform: AgriPlace Trade. 

AgriPlace Trade is a digital platform for traders and producers of fresh fruits and vegetables. It offers a solution for the administrative burden of organizing certificates, supplier declarations, spraylists, lab reports, etc. With AgriPlace Trade you can manage your suppliers and due diligence documentation from one digital dashboard.

AgriPlace Trade is for everyone who needs to deal with due diligence documentation in the agricultural supply chain. Importers, exporters, and growers can all upload, organize and share documents with their partners. Whether you're in the quality control department or in the sales team, AgriPlace Trade makes it easy for you to find and share your documents. And as a grower, you can easily point all your buyers to your documents stored online.

For more information please visit agriplace.trade

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